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Adjusted Real Median Household Income (2015 dollars)

Median household income is the annual income of the household right in the middle — half the area's households earn more and half earn less. This measure adjusts each metro's median income to account for differences in its cost of living using regional price parity indices from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. These indices set 100 equal to the average cost of living for the U.S. and, in 2014 (the latest year available), range from a low of 89.1 in Cleveland to a high of 122.9 in San Jose among the peer metros.  Kansas City's regional price parity index is 93.4, meaning its cost of living is 6.6 percent below the national average.

KC Value KC Rank Top Ranked
Metro Value
Ranked Value
Level  2015 $64,777 8 San Jose $82,978 Richmond $63,111 8th
(up from 11th)
2014 $61,094 11 San Jose $78,597 St. Louis $61,437
Growth* Percent Change 2014-15 2.6% 7 Seattle 3.5% Sacramento 2.5% 7th
(up from 18th)
Percent Change 2013-14 0.7% 18 San Diego 3.0% Cleveland 1.3%

* Growth is calculated based on a 3-year moving average of the original data to reduce the influence of temporary, random or one-time events.

Source: American Communiy Survey
Excel data: Adjusted Median Household Income



Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Level

Real Median Household Income (2015 $) - 2015

Real Median Household Income (2015 $) - 2014

Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Growth

Real Median Household Income (2015 $) - Percent Change 2014-15

Real Median Household Income (2015 $) - Percent Change 2013-14