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Productivity: Real GDP per Job (2009 dollars)

Productivity is measured as output per hour or per worker. Here we are using GDP as our definition of output and measuring on a per-worker basis. Rising productivity allows, but does not guarantee, profits and wages to increase simultaneously, and so is a necessary condition for creating widely shared improvement in standards of living.

KC Value KC Rank Top Ranked
Top Ranked
Metro Value
10th Ranked
Ranked Value
Level  2016 $83,498 18  San Jose  $169,470 Minneapolis $87,800  18th
(no change)
2015 $84,317 18 San Jose $164,610 Minneapolis $88,725
Growth* Percent Change 2015-16 -0.2% 20 San Jose 4.1% Denver  0.8% 20th
(down from 10th)
Percent Change 2014-15 0.2% 10 San Jose 3.6%  Kansas City  0.2%

* Growth is calculated based on a 3-year moving average of the original data to reduce the influence of temporary, random or one-time events.

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis. Calculation by MARC.
Excel data: Productivity: Real GDP per Job




Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Level

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - 2016

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - 2015

Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Growth

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - Percent Change 2015-16

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - Percent Change 2014-15