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Productivity: Real GDP per Job (millions of 2009 dollars)

Productivity is measured as output per hour or per worker. Here we are using GDP as our definition of output and measuring on a per-worker basis. Rising productivity allows, but does not guarantee, profits and wages to increase simultaneously, and so is a necessary condition for creating widely shared improvement in standards of living.

KC Value KC Rank Top Ranked
Top Ranked
Metro Value
10th Ranked
Ranked Value
Level  2015 $83,983 16  San Jose  $164,734 Pittsburgh $89,192  16th
(down from 14th)
2014 $84,694 14 San Jose $157,569  Milwaukee  $88,017
Growth* Percent Change 2014-15 -0.7% 26 San Jose 2.9% Charlotte  0.2% 26th
(down from 18th)
Percent Change 2013-14 -0.1% 18 Oklahoma City 1.9%  Nashville  0.3%

* Growth is calculated based on a 3-year moving average of the original data to reduce the influence of temporary, random or one-time events.

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis. Calculation by MARC.
Excel data: Productivity: Real GDP per Job




Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Level

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - 2015

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - 2014

Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Growth

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - Percent Change 2014-15

Real GDP/job (2009 $) - Percent Change 2013-14