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Competitiveness: International Exports (millions of 2015 dollars)

Metros most successfully export goods and services which they have a comparative advantage in producing. The degree to which an area exports goods and services is a measure of its value to the rest of the world. This metric looks specifically at international exports because most of the world's economic growth will occur outside U.S. borders over the next 20 years.

KC Value KC Rank Top Ranked
Top Ranked
Metro Value
10th Ranked
10th Ranked Value Ranking
Level  2015 $ 9,580 20 Seattle $51,116 Orlando $13,692 20th
(down from 19th)
2014 $9,846 19 Seattle $50,500 Cincinnati $13,240
Growth* Change in Percent 2014-15 0.6% 19 Austin 5.4% San Diego 3.3% 19th
(up from 23rd)
Change in Percent 2013-14 1.4% 23 Lousiville 8.7% San Diego 4.5%

* Growth is calculated based on a 3-year moving average of the original data to reduce the influence of temporary, random or one-time events.

Source: Brookings Institution
Excel data: Competitiveness: International Exports



Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Level

International Exports (millions of 2015 $) - 2015

International Exports (millions of 2015 $) - 2014

Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Growth

International Exports (millions of 2015 $) - Change in Percent 2014-2015

International Exports (millions of 2015 $) - Change in Percent 2013-14