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Competencies: STEM Occupations Location Quotients

Location quotients are a measure of regional specialization. This metric examines the each metro's specialization in STEM occupations — jobs that require significant knowledge of science, computers and computer programming, engineering and math — measured as the ratio of the percent of jobs in STEM occupations locally to the same percent nationally. Location quotients above 1.0 indicate higher-than-average specialization.

Kansas City Compared to Peer Metro Average — Percent Change Since 2013


Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Growth & Level

Top Ranked
Top Ranked
Metro Value
10th Ranked
10th Ranked Value Ranking
Level  2018 1.16 10 San Jose 3.20 Kansas City 1.16 10th
(up from 11th)
2017 1.17 11 San Jose 3.14 Sacramento 1.18
Growth* Change in Percent 2017-18 0.57% 7 San Jose 3.88% Las Vegas 0.26% 7th
(up from 6th)
Change in Percent 2016-17 0.96% 6 San Jose 3.13% Austin 0.19%

* Growth is calculated based on a 3-year moving average of the original data to reduce the influence of temporary, random or one-time events.

Source: JobsEQ
Excel data: STEM Occupation Location Quotients



Kansas City Compared to Peer Metros — Level

STEM Occupation Location Quotients - 2018

STEM Occupation Location Quotients - 2017